Baseball Betting Strategies – 2 Things You Should Look at When Betting on Baseball

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With the Baseball season well underway it’s time we need to be looking at cashing in on the huge number of sportsbooks offering lines out there. First thing is first though we need to find a sportsbook that is right for us. Our sportsbook needs to accept us and should not rip us off with 20cent lines or worse. So find a good sportsbook that provides 10c lines and you can start your journey in sports betting.

Next up we need to look at what we should be betting on, so the first thing we need to check out is the Pitcher.

Now this may sound obvious to everyone reading this and so it should be. The first thing you should always do when betting on baseball is to check out the pitcher and more importantly his stats as you never know what you will find that could help you out. Take this for example, certain pitchers will be able to strike out a lot of left handers while only being able to perform averagely against their right handed counterparts. So you could see this and knowing that the next team up has a lot of lefties steam in with a bet.

Secondly check on something near enough nobody checks out. The Umpires.

Certain plate umpires will tend to be crucial in whether a game will be over/under the total runs offered. This is because some umpires will have a tighter zone while others will give the pitcher some leeway and let him strike out through a bigger zone. So check out what sort of umpire you are dealing with by checking out his recent Over/Under records to see if you can find yourself an edge.

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