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Right Angle Sports is without question one of the top totals handicappers in the world and the single most influential. RAS, as they are also known as, will generally hit 53-55 percent of their totals picks in NFL, NCAA football, and NCAA basketball if and only if one can bet the total they released it at or closer.

The problem is that RAS developed a following years ago after a raving endorsement from pro gambler Steve Fezzik, who then touted him to ESPN gambling writer Chad Millman. The publicity made Right Angle Sports Edward Golden the most influential totals handicapper in the world and the line moves literally within seconds of his totals release.

Fortunately for the sportsbook, Fezzik has been in one of the worst three-year betting slumps in history. “He’s the Willie Mays of betting,” said a prominent Las Vegas bookmaker. “Fezzik was the best gambler ever, now he’s the greatest fade.”

However Vegas insiders say it’s not his loyalty to RAS so much as it is to inferior handicappers. The insiders say that Fezzik was gravy training a handicapper who was so bad, that handicapper ran into such financial ruins that his 150K house was foreclosed on.

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy, CEO of OffshoreInsiders.com, the top football betting site in the world says that Golden is on the short list of professional handicappers whose betting picks consistently win, but knowing how Golden can influence the market means all gamblers can exploit his talents to widely available (WA) lines.

We have not “cracked the code” on RAS totals picks, but “it’s obvious we’ve utilized the same techniques.” GodsTips has based their basketball power lines Ken Pomeroy’s outstanding projections or the similar idea applied to the NBA by ESPN’s John Hollinger.

These are then balanced with the NBA’s own plus-minus stats. Keep it a secret, but the league’s own stats have been a boon for sports bettors.

In football, GodsTips exploits the famed Performance Gap Analysis. GodsTips found that more than 60 percent of the time, they agree with RAS. Another 20-30 percent, there is neither a major agreement nor disagreement. But the 10 or so percent they disagree on the original number, betting against the bad line move equates to a strong of a bet in sports gambling.

Duffy explains, “The missing link is that our equations more properly way each team’s pace, which is more integral than offensive and defensive efficiency when properly calculating totals.” There isn’t a lot of deviation between our numbers and Right Angle Sports, but when there is the post-market rate results in sharp investments for the premier sports gambler.

Joe Duffy’s GodsTips picks are exclusively at OffshoreInsiders.com

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