Baseball Betting Systems

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Baseball Betting System #1

Very simple system over the past 7 years going for a home team in a non-divisional game in either the third or fourth game of a series in which they scored double digit runs in their previous two games. This system has gone 19-3 +16 units during that span.

Baseball Betting System #2

Home Favorites havier than -150 against non-divisional foe before game #100 with a 55% or better record in game 2 or later of a series coming off a game in which they gave up double digit points and lost but scored at least 4 themselves.

This is 24-4 over the past 7 years, 7-0 L2 years and wins on average by 3 runs per game.

Baseball Betting System #3

Momentum is key late in the MLB season. Since the season is long, motivated teams at the end of the year will beat unmotivated teams. Over the last 30 games of the season, blindly betting on teams with 6+ wins L10 going against teams with less than 5 wins L10 is 783-483 +99 units with only 1 losing season.

So as you pick games late in the year, pay attention to how your team has been playing and if they have been struggling, try laying off them.

Betting Systems in Baseball can provide huge profits during the baseball season because there are just too many games for the oddsmakers to put out strong decent lines. Advantage: Bettor.

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