NFL Picks Podcast: NFL Conference Championship Betting Preview and the MasterLockLine top into the No. 1 NFL service for 2014-15 season is out of Oklahoma City. Though only in the business since 2011, they have established themselves as the No. 1 overall football service since taking the handicapping industry by storm since their debut. Made up of ex-bookmakers and gamblers, their highest rated bets are Owners Selection. 6-0 in the playoffs so far including Owners Selection NFC Best Side and AFC Best Total of Postseason. Now Owners Selection Best NFC Side and Best AFC Total of Playoffs to go to 8-0 from No. 1 as they are closing out one of the greatest NFL seasons in recorded betting history
Service that specializes in network TV games is No. 1 all-time in terms of winning percentage in all sports and Top 10 in units won as they have fewer picks, but a much higher winning mark than any service in history. 11-2 run ACC Game of the Month Virginia Tech/North Carolina for 6:30 ET. It is all on the MasterLockLine. Get the picks now
Now get the famed Tailgate Party against the spread trends preview of the Packers-Seahawks, Colts-Patriots.

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