Packers QB Opening Day 2022: NFL Odds Revealed

After an emotional, reflective and grateful post appeared on Aaron Rodgers’ Instagram account last night, many are wondering if a retirement announcement is coming soon.

So, if the first ballot Hall of Fame player does hang up his cleats, who will be guiding the Green Bay Packers during the 2022 campaign?

SportsBetting  set odds Tuesday morning and there is a definitive (boring) answer, according to the numbers. 

Jordan Love is the heavy favorite after waiting in the wings for a few years. A rookie quarterback and Gardner Minshew are tied for second on the list while Russell Wilson and Jameis Winston round out the Top 5. The full list of 16 players is below.

Additionally, updated odds for Rodgers’ and Wilson’s next teams, should they be traded this offseason, are below.

The Eagles, who were 40-1, or +4000, last week to trade for Wilson, have moved into a tie for the lowest odds at 5-1.

Packers QB in Week 1 of 2022 Regular Season

Jordan Love                 +150

Any Rookie QB            +600

Gardner Minshew       +600

Russell Wilson             +700

Jameis Winston           +800

Jimmy Garoppolo       +900

Marcus Mariota          +900

Carson Wentz             +1000

Ryan Fitzpatrick          +1100

Baker Mayfield            +1200

Kirk Cousins                +1400

Cam Newton               +1600

Ryan Tannehill            +1600

Derek Carr                   +2000

Tom Brady                  +2500

Philip Rivers                +6600

Aaron Rodgers Next Team

Broncos           +150

49ers               +500

Steelers           +600

Bucs                +700

Colts                +750

Saints              +1000

Dolphins          +1200

Raiders            +1200

Browns            +1600

Titans              +1600

Eagles              +2000

Seahawks        +2500

Bears               +3300

Ravens            +3300

Vikings             +3300

Patriots           +5000

Russell Wilson Next Team

Dolphins          +500

Eagles              +500

Bucs                +600

Steelers           +600

Packers            +700

Raiders            +800

Bears               +1000

Saints              +1000

Broncos           +1100

Colts                +1400

Browns            +1600

Panthers          +1600

Commanders  +2000

Titans              +2500

49ers               +3300

Jets                  +3300

Patriots           +3300

Falcons            +4000

Ravens            +4000

Texans             +4000

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