Handicapper Oscar Dooley Goes Quietly Into Retirement

Journeyman handicapper OC Dooley’s career has ended after going more than two years without a client. The Woodstock, GA based handicapper’s final message on his website was bragging about his last winning season, the 2009 college bowls. Dooley got his start selling picks on the Thank You For Calling 900-number, then went several years by the alias “Chris Jordan.” Best known for non-sensical so-called “intangibles,” the Temple grad got started in the industry as scorephone announcer Sal Kinder.

“He had a special appeal among the San Francisco demographics,” said the late Mickey Charles, founder of Dial Sports. “He was loved as our Bay Area announcer,” added coworker Ricky T. Dooley is believed to have several children in Costa Rica. 

8 thoughts on “Handicapper Oscar Dooley Goes Quietly Into Retirement”

  1. we could barely accept his picks were terrible but we hated the fact the guy was a fucking liar. hed go like 3-5 then next day on the phones claimed he swept “big plays.” total scammer. rot in hell.

  2. not gonna b missed. inept. would call 900 number and previous days losers would be on. girl who did customer service on voicemail option told me almost every complaint that they got was about him every day. animal, duffy, thomas were good but chris jordan sucked. wasnt fooled when he changed his name. screaming voice made it obvious same scammer as oc

  3. We was big bettoors and subscribed to alot of the cappers on charge line. Pretty sure CSR name was millie. Sweet girl. She said virually all coimpliaints was about Chris Jordan. His reasoning was stupid on his picks anyways.

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