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MasterLockLine locked and loaded menu for Saturday, September 3, 2011

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**Hottest Handicapper**

Sports service out of the Twin Ports is the No. 1 NCAAF and No. 5 NFL and NCAAF combined since the start of the 2009 season. Their top ranked plays are Pinnacle Plays. The first of the year wins on Syracuse Thursday. Their second was easy on TCU over Friday. Two more Pinnacle Plays win Saturday in NCAAF

Kal Elner is without any question the top small college basketball and football handicapper ever. Almost nobody disputes that. College Game of the Week on Youngstown State wins easily on Youngstown State. Now College 2 Team Parlay of the Week

**Biggest Play**

Linesmaker out of the northeast, for 12 years produced the odds that appeared in 200-plus newspapers is now the top college and pro football money winner since 1995. (Stats are out of 620 services and syndicates monitored, rankings based on total net units won based on one-unit per play). Lead Pipe Locks are his highest rated plays. First Lead Pipe Lock of the Year on Minnesota/USC

Service out the Hampton Roads finished No. 1 this year in college and pro football combined in 2010-11. Stats are out of 620 services and syndicates monitored, rankings based on total net units won based on one-unit per play. Though every play wins at a remarkable rate, their highest rated are 10-Dime Plays. First 10-Dime Play on Rice/Texas

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Free: Vic “Buddy” Pirnick Ohio

***Nationally ranked defined as being in the Top 25 in said sport (in football and basketball, college and pro counted both separately and combined) or all sports combined, either for the season or multiple seasons. Hence, more than 25 services will qualify as nationally ranked but the 50 plays minimum applies and it is based on units won.

Please remember that plays released are generally not every play released by the service. We pass along ONLY the top rated plays from the top rated sports services in their highest rated sports. Even if a top ranked service has a highly rated play, we may cancel its re-release because of conflicting information from other top services.

Our rankings are based on:

Default category: Total net units won—how much money a service won based on one unit per play including the juice

Winning percentage—self explanatory, minimum of 50 plays in quoted category to quality for rankings

NCAA Football 2011 Week 1 Lines, Picks, Odds, Predictions, Vegas Trends

College football point spreads, betting picks, trends and more have been updated for Saturday September 3, 2011.

As far as sports handicapping picks. The winning football betting service in history GodsTips has: Oregon vs. LSU, Boise State vs. Georgia. Both are Wise Guy plays from the winningest handicapper in sports history. But that’s not it. Also get two Major plays. Wise Guy plays from GodsTips are widely accepted by virtually every bookmaker, Vegas runner, pro bettor, Vegas insider, oddsmaker, and fellow handicappers alike as the strongest pick in sports gambling.  More picks here

Computer spread trends include:

Army vs. No. Illinois

The Black Knights are 7-1 as a road underdog. Northern Illinois is 10-1 overall, 8-1 as favorites.

NIU has gone over 6-1 as a favorite of 10.5 or more.

Rice vs. Texas

The Owls are 8-20 in their last 28 non-conference games. Longhorns are 8-3 in their last 11 vs. CUSA, but 1-6 their last seven home games.

The Owls have gone over 46-16 as an underdog and 57-19 overall, yet under 4-1 to Big 12.

Even more NCAA football betting trends are up

Now for betting news and notes:

Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh

The Panthers will clearly have a much more wide-open offense than years past. Out is Dave Wannstedt and his pedestrian offense. In is Todd Graham whose Tulsa team averaged 500 yards per game of total offense.

Akron vs. Ohio State

Ohio State will play both Joe Bauserman and Braxton Miller at QB as they begin a new era thanks to Terrelle Pryor jumping to the NFL.  If Miller starts that will make it 10 freshmen or sophomores who will start for the Buckeyes.

Get all the betting info

Certainly not least are the sportsbooks odds:

# Team PS/RL Total ML
09:00 AM
147 NORTHWESTERN +3.5 -110 45.5 ov -110
148 BOSTON COLLEGE -3.5 -110 45.5 un -110
09:00 AM
149 UTAH STATE +23 -110 57 ov -110
150 AUBURN -23 -110 57 un -110
09:00 AM
151 AKRON +31.5 -110 47 ov -110
152 OHIO STATE -31.5 -110 47 un -110
09:00 AM
153 MIAMI OHIO +20.5 -110 48.5 ov -110
154 MISSOURI -20.5 -110 48.5 un -110
09:20 AM
155 KENT +38 -110 47.5 ov -110
156 ALABAMA -38 -110 47.5 un -110
12:30 PM
157 UCLA +3 -120 62 ov -110
158 HOUSTON -3 +100 62 un -110
12:30 PM
159 WESTERN MICHIGAN +13.5 -110 61 ov -110
160 MICHIGAN -13.5 -110 61 un -110
12:30 PM
161 MINNESOTA +24 -110 51.5 ov -110
162 USC -24 -110 51.5 un -110
12:30 PM
163 SOUTH FLORIDA +10 -110 47.5 ov -110
164 NOTRE DAME -10 -110 47.5 un -110
01:45 PM
165 BYU -2.5 -110 56.5 ov -110
166 MISSISSIPPI +2.5 -110 56.5 un -110
02:00 PM
167 SAN JOSE STATE +28.5 -110
168 STANFORD -28.5 -110
03:00 PM
169 COLORADO STATE -6.5 -110 49.5 ov -110
170 NEW MEXICO +6.5 -110 49.5 un -110
03:00 PM
171 BUFFALO U. +30 -110
172 PITTSBURGH -30 -110
04:00 PM
173 SOUTH CAROLINA -20.5 -110 62 ov -110
174 EAST CAROLINA +20.5 -110 62 un -110
04:00 PM
175 FRESNO STATE +10 -110
176 CALIFORNIA -10 -110
04:00 PM
177 ARMY +11.5 -110
178 NORTHERN ILLINOIS -11.5 -110
04:00 PM
179 RICE +24.5 -110
180 TEXAS -24.5 -110
04:00 PM
181 INDIANA -6 -110
182 BALL STATE +6 -110
05:00 PM
183 TULSA +25 -110 65 ov -110
184 OKLAHOMA -25 -110 65 un -110
05:00 PM
185 OHIO -6.5 -110
186 NEW MEXICO STATE +6.5 -110
05:00 PM
187 BOISE STATE -3 -110 51 ov -110
188 GEORGIA +3 -110 51 un -110
05:00 PM
189 OREGON -3 -115 54.5 ov -110
190 LSU +3 -105 54.5 un -110
07:00 PM
191 LOUISIANA TECH +12 -110 54 ov -110
192 SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI -12 -110 54 un -110
07:15 PM
193 COLORADO +6.5 -110 55.5 ov -110
194 HAWAII -6.5 -110 55.5 un -110
09:00 AM
196 PURDUE -16.5 -110
12:30 PM
197 ARKANSAS STATE +20 -110
198 ILLINOIS -20 -110
12:30 PM
199 UL MONROE +29 -110
200 FLORIDA STATE -29 -110
12:30 PM
201 TROY +15.5 -110
202 CLEMSON -15.5 -110
04:00 PM
203 FLORIDA ATLANTIC +34.5 -110
204 FLORIDA -34.5 -110
04:00 PM
205 UL LAFAYETTE +38 -110
206 OKLAHOMA STATE -38 -110
09:00 AM

Ray Palmer Group, Radio Sports Tout

The Ray Palmer Group, a handicapping service doppelganger of Jonathan Stone Sports is not among the Top 50 sports betting services according to Cy McCormick of the Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine.

“They finished 129th in college football picks,” in 2010-11, the highest finish ever says the pro bettor McCormick. The Ray Palmer Group and Jonathan Stone are featured on radio ads on Sporting News Radio and Fox Sports Radio among other stations around the country.

Maddux Sports, Wunderdog Sports, Phil Steele? Who is the Best Sports Betting Expert?

There are about a dozen widely respected sports services and handicappers: Sal Selvaggio of Maddux Sports, Wunderdog Sports, Stevie Vincent, Phil Steele of Northcoast Sports, Dr. Bob Stohl, Matt Rivers, Right Angle Sports, and…well okay, less than a dozen.

But the best of the best is GodsTips, led by Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy, CEO of, the top sports betting site in the world.

Duffy got his start as a scorephone handicapper, training under such NFL greats as Hank Stram and Ray Scott. He eventually became a scorephone legend, “JD of the ACC” on the Amazing Cadillac Club 900 number.

Duffy rose to General Manager of, which became the first national toll-free scorephone network.

He Chaired search committees for both Free Scoreboard and with the goal of compiling the nation’s top sports betting services from thousands of applicants. Most of the world’s “whales” and high rollers consult Joe Duffy’s GodsTips before even considering placing a bet.

He if founder and now Senior Fellow at the Network. His portfolio of sports picks are now exclusively on that website.

Finding the Best Football Betting System

Betting systems and a fantastic sports store show that the Network is more than just free sports picks

There are many ways to evaluate the performance of a football betting system, and these methods are relatively easy even for beginners. Keep in mind that to be able to be called “best”, the system should fulfill all the tasks for you, and reducing the analysis that you have to make on your own. If you find it hard to make your decision in choosing which system to use, you can rely on the following points to consider:

First and foremost, the football betting system should function with the use of reliable and up-to-date data that are retrieved through all possible means. All the games being played for that particular season should be taken into consideration to see which ones will give the most viable and advantageous options for you.

Another thing to be sure of in a system of this kind is its accuracy in computing for the best outcomes. It should be able to prevent misleading data from affecting the calculated data and it should make sure that you get only the best possible choices that you could make in all your wagers.

In this case, the football betting system should reject conclusions that will not be for your own benefit. Since the use of this system is primarily concerned about giving you the highest probable wins in all your bets, then it should very well establish only the most favorable consequences for you. If using the system would not be able to help you decide accordingly for your own good, then it fails in accomplishing the purposes for which it was made.

As a result, your best chances depend on the functionality of the whole system itself. Schemes that can generate and provide you a well-disposed choice based on a systematic approach can lead you to winning all the games that you put a wager on.

In effect, using the best of all these systems will not only put you on an advantage, but it will also leave you with no worries and hesitations as you go along making your best on the games for the season. You must at least get the general idea of the probable results for the wagers you make so you will not be left to take very risky moves in all the games.

There would be times when you think you got the most perfect system for you, but find it a little confusing and complex to understand. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, you can consider using other systems that you are comfortable with. A system that proves to be good for others may not be appropriate for you to use, as you may not be very comfortable with the way it presents and calculates the outcomes of each game. Only the best among its kind will be able to make you feel in control of the bets you make in all football games, and finding that system that could give you better returns should be something that is assessed in a holistic manner.

Read further about Football Betting System and in time you will surely master the tricks behind the system! Click HERE for more info!

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Professional Football Betting – Can it Replace Your Full Time Income?

Betting systems and a fantastic sports store show that the Network is more than just free sports picks

You can make profits from professional football- can it replace your income? This is a question that most football fans ask them selves. It is a matter of win or loses. You can do a number of things to perfect in the football betting business. This can help you replace your full time income. It may difficult but if you got no other job you can use the following tips to earn more in football betting.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid if you are thinking professional betting- can it replace full time income?

• Do not always pretend that you predict which football teams will win in every match. You have to admit that sometimes it’s hard to predict the results.

• Learn to listen to the experts. There are people who are experts in football betting tips and you must listen to their advice before you place a bet.

• You differentiate a guess and a fact. Sometimes you make good guesses which help you make money. Do not pretend to be sure when you have just guessed without any research.

• Make sure you do some research; you can not rely on other people’s word if you want to succeed in the betting business. You should look for an expert who will give you accurate tips. This will keep you making profits in the business.

• Avoid being emotional when in the betting business. You should not get excited about the prizes you can win in the game. You will come across people who have great testimonials but do not get carried away. You should also avoid getting frustrated when you lose. Remain intellectual and you will make a good income.

• You should always remember the most important rule in football betting. It says that you should always expect to lose the amount of money you looking to win. This is easy when you place bets moderately. It may be hard to lose too much money without getting frustrated and stressed which can affect your performance as a gambler.

All professional gamblers use a football betting system, which helps them make consistent profits.

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College Football Betting Tips

YouTube betting videos and sports betting podcasts are all part of the sports betting information on the Network.

College football is often seen as a sports bettor’s paradise for a lot of reasons. The college football scene also considered to be a lot more profitable than the National Football League by a lot of bettors. The main reasons are quite easy to understand once you know what the main differences between the two scenes are. The college football scene is much larger than the NFL scene. To bring it down to sheer numbers, there are 117 Division IA teams compared to only 32 teams in the NFL. So this difference alone makes it a lot more challenging for bookmakers and sports books to make proper calculations, so errors often creep in.

On top of that, there is a huge talent gap from the top to the bottom and hence it makes things even more complicated. So even though some teams are favored, college football betting lines also work in favor of the underdog or the team that is not favored. In such situations, intelligent and professional bettors can easily make a lot of money from the uncertainty and the general mistakes. The huge gaps and discrepancies between the competing teams make for really high betting lines, much higher than the NFL lines. This makes things even more profitable.

Some of the common rules of proper betting apply while betting on college football games. So first of all, be careful of scams run by fraud websites and touts. These are only there so that you lose you money. There are many ways that a tout and a website can scam you, so beware of them and read up on safe betting habits. Next, you need to start looking at the lines more carefully. You will be given picks by a lot of people including your colleagues, friends and family. Most of them will be wrong but some of them can be right.

So before you make a hasty decision, put in as much research as you can. As mention earlier college football lines are very high because of the large discrepancies in the teams. So researching a team’s history and the playing conditions should not be hard. This is especially true if you are at the end of a season. Because by that time, you know how the teams have been performing. At the beginning of the season, it might pay to listen to a few analysts, but try to research nonetheless. Also, if you see someone having a long hot streak, like a 16-11 for example, it might be worth your while follow their picks for the next three plays or so.

Another advantage of college football is that the bookies sometime make mistakes; your job is to spot these and cash in on them. Scattering your bets can also ensure that you make some money at the end of the season. This can be done quite easily because of the large number of teams that are playing. Make sure you scatter small bets and not large ones.

Learn more about Football Betting and grab Football picks.

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Phil Steele 2010 Preseason Publication, Northcoast Sports

The Phil Steele 2010 football magazine is out. The good news is that it is the best preseason publication from a football betting information standpoint.

However, the truth is that there is only so much good preseason publications can do and we have found it takes a compilation of all preseason football publications to be of value.

The truth is that it takes up-to-the minute information such as in the best YouTube betting videos and sports audio shows or news and notes such as in the articles section of

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy has said that he will update the multi-media sources all football season long. For those who accurately believe that the Jim Feist Proline Show is too much of an infomercial, you will live the podcasts and videos.

What are some of the disadvantages of the Phil Steele Northcoast Sports publication? The above link discusses the different among ratings and rankings, preseason polls and predictions of the final poll.