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NFL Picks Week 13 From Top Ranked Sports Services

Notre Dame vs. Alabama odds are up, but of more immediate importance is NFL picks for week 13, December 2 are up on as are college basketball winners.

Professional bettors got the best update in many years from GodsTips, anchor of, which is scorching with picks.

Already in with the Atlanta Falcons Thursday as part of our 11-3 all sports run, your NFL Specialists have four winning picks led by yet another Wise Guy winner. Yes we are working on basketball too as we hit with Wyoming and the Heat as our only two basketball Wise Guy plays. We have added a college basketball winner.

Stevie Vincent has hit nine straight Perfect Plays. A Perfect Play means an angle that is 100 percent and involves a minimum of 12 games. We always unlock the angle inside the play. An all-time high of nine pro football plays. It is no gimmick. The angles are flat out specifically unlocked inside. Seven, yes seven are Perfects.

Three basketball winners including a pro basketball Perfect Play.

All twelve winners have at least one angle that is 10-0. The top football and basketball angles are a combined 48-0. Yes two angles combined to be 48-0 ATS. A universal betting alert is issued as all pro bettors must get these winners, with each angle unlocked.

The sports betting news website has the Notre Dame-Alabama point spread.

The real Matt Rivers has a big card. UConn failed me in a big time way yesterday as turnovers can be a killer and that is exactly what happened, it stunk no doubt. But Georgia though came through to minimize most of the damage and keep me well ahead of that Crookie and still 7 of 11 winning days. A ton of quality NFL plays today for sure as I release an almost unprecedented three from this juicy slate. No monster bombs but a pair of 300,000* in the Panthers-Chiefs and Cardinals-Jets along with a 200,000* Browns-Raiders. 3 plays, 3 winners, here we go baby!

Because the MasterLockLine monitors each and every one of the nation’s top sports service, handicappers, tip sheets and syndicates, you will get every Game of the Year play worth betting. Every last one in the industry is yours. That’s why you get more legitimate service Games of the Year on the MasterLockLine than anyone else.

No. 1 service for 2012-13 NFL season already in with the Game and Total of the Year winners. Now Parlay of the Year is two NFL sides

The all-time top ranked sports service in terms of units won is out of Lake Tahoe, NV. His Double-Double Best Bets are extremely rare, averaging 50-to-65 or so per year. UL Lafayette over Florida Atlantic was the Double-Double Best Bet of Year, a play he has hit eight straight in all sports (D-D Best Bets of the Year) after yesterday and the big winner. Double-Double Best Bet. Another Double-Double and it is on Panthers/Chiefs. Yes this pick was made with knowledge of the Jevon Belcher tragedy.

Now to the wunderkinds of the Canadian Crew. Nevada: +9.5 All Sports Best Bet of the Week wins. The wunderkinds are 21-9 with named plays in the NFL, the latest being Carolina destroying Philadelphia. Today it is the Interconference Best Bet of Year on Tampa/Denver. The Canadian Crew continues to prove nobody exploits situations, mismatches, intangibles, motivational factors and more with the success rate as the Crew. Get the picks now on Network.

10 Most Important Twitter Feeds For Sports Bettors

These are the 10 most important Twitter accounts for gamblers to follow:

10. @FezzikSports at one time would have been No. 1 far and away. Only back-to-back Hilton Champion, but has struggled since.

9. @WagerMinds very funny commentary relevant to sports betting

8. @chadmillman ESPN the Magazine editor and still gambling writer for Though he is perhaps too fascinated with people who have their exclusive mathematical models, still a great high profile read

7. @ESPNStatsInfo yes the four-letter evil empire puts out some great stats that the serious sports handicapper can use

6.  @DonBestSports great resource for injuries from the top live odds service in the world

5. @beyondthebets much like Wager Minds, entertaining commentary and links to useful articles

4. @Covers best free databases, useful information, pretty active account

3. @ToddFuhrman good insight from an oddsmaker’s point of view

2. @TheSBRforum the top sportsbook watchdog on the Internet. Great all-around info

1.   @offshoreinsider videos, podcasts, free picks, from the most reputable sports handicapping site in the world

Paul Nolan Picks, Ray Palmer Group NFL, Jonathan Stone? Leader of Pick Nation Football Predictions

NFL wagers for week 9 2012 has substantial bets by sports services used by pro bettors. is the one stop shop. has it all for week 9 NFL football betting, bet on NFL football, professional gamblers, professional handicappers, NFL football odds, bet lines, betting NFL football, NFL football wagering, wager on NFL football, betting NFL football, pro football odds, , pro football betting, pro football betting, bet on pro football, professional gamblers, professional handicappers, pro football odds, bet lines, betting pro football , pro football wagering, wager on pro football , betting pro football ,pro football handicappers, pro football  odds, pro football tipsters and more.

Chiefs-Chargers, Broncos-Bengals, Ravens-Browns, Lions-Jaguars, Steelers-Giants, Cowboys-Falcons Sunday Night Football tops the list.

A universal betting alert has been issued because Stevie Vincent has one of the strongest cards ever. Perfect Play means an angle that is 100 percent and involves a minimum of 12 games. We always unlock the angle inside the play. Get three Perfect Plays led by Perfect Play Sunday Night Lock of the Year. In fact, the top angle in each game is a combined 62-0. Each one is specified. Extra, extra read all about it.

The Key POD wins, wins, and wins. Is betting with the Key Play of the Day even fair to the bookmakers? Yet another great season in football with Clemson yesterday continues today. It is the early kickoff Buffalo/Houston. So much corroboration goes into this play including specific reasons Vegas whales gave us, market evaluation, utilization of artificial intelligence just the tip of the iceberg.

The Duke, Jonathan Mardukas built up a large scorephone following over the last dozen or so years.  With a database that goes back to 1980 the MasterLockLine say he is the top ranked college and pro football handicapper EVER. First NFL 2 Billion Star since Sunday, December 21, 2008 when San Diego thrashed Jacksonville. It is on a 1 ET underdog

A service out of San Diego is No. 1 in the world since making their debut in September of 2008. Their top play is a 1000-star Perfect Storm in which they have hit six straight including Virginia, Texas San Antonio, and Western Michigan yesterday. Perfect Storm Sunday Night Game of the Cowboys/Falcons

Scott Spreitzer, the top rated handicapper on a Vegas website once driven by a cable TV show has his Tapout Game of the Year

Wunderdog Sports is No. 10 all time in football based on units won. Vikings/Seahawks side

Luther Wade remains No. 1 in all sports since the turn of the century based on units won. NFL 2 Team Parlay of the Year.

From Canadian Crew The All Sports Best Bet of the Week is on Denver at Cincinnati plus the Sunday Night Football game is yours as well. Incentive, revenge, coaching, scheduling, home/road statistics, are just part of a list in which the Crew Plays analyze. It all comes into fruition today. Get this humungous winner right now.

GodsTips has dominated the NFL since the mid-1980s scorephone days more than any handicappers has in any sport. Back where we belong with a 3-1 Sunday last week led by the Sunday Night Game of the Year on Denver. Four NFL winners led by another Wise Guy play are on slate for Sunday. We are already 1-0 this week in the NFL with the Chargers. Get the picks now

Thursday Night Football and NLCS Picks

The San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks, Oregon vs. Arizona State, Houston vs. SMU, and Giants vs. Cardinals top a big betting card at

Here is who is unloading with big plays tonight on NFL Network, ESPN, TBS baseball, plus Fox Sports college football TV schedule offers great odds opportunities tonight.

The Great One Stevie Vincent has hit five straight Level 5 pro football moves. Saturday has two collegiate Level 5 and Sunday is historic day with a season high four Level 5 including two Perfect Plays. So get the four or five day pass.

Start out with Thursday Night Game of the Half Century on Houston/SMU then get the biggest bet on the Seahawks/49ers over/under.

Now to Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine. As consistent of a winner in any sports as any service in the history of betting is Sports service out of Midwest is the No. 1 all-time CFB service in units won. Their highest rated plays are Executive Plays. Executive Plays of the Month 6-0 since last year. Exec GOM on tonight’s Houston/SMU

No question who the hottest service is. The No. 1 football service this season, college and pro, regular and postseason is up by 5.6 units on the No. 2 capper. They are off a 7-0 Saturday Wyoming, Michigan, and Rice were the big plays, 3-1 Sunday led by NFL Lock of the Year Raiders. You know it’s legit, because you got it right here. Two plays tonight. One agrees with the Mark the Shark total, the other is the Pac-12 Lock of the Year on Oregon/Arizona State side

Kongpop Sukhibomrong, head of the famed Pan-Asian Syndicate has overtaken Statmaven Sports as the No. 1 all-time ranked sports service in terms of plays that were re-released on the MasterLockLine based on units won. Houston/SMU total

Mark the Shark, the top handicapper west of the Mississippi. He’s been offered nearly seven figures per year to join a famed Las Vegas sports handicapping marketing giant, but has spurned offers because they demanded marketing concessions that would negatively affect his modules. Pac-12 Total of the year

Teddy Covers it the anchor handicapper on a high-profile website and is ranked 14th in the NFL since 2011 to date based on units won. 10* NFL side San Francisco/Seattle

The Couch Potato is perhaps the top specialist in betting. Concentrating on high-profile national TV games, he has hit better than 57 percent in nine consecutive individual sports seasons (college and pro football and basketball counted separately). Counting all sports, they would give the above Hottest Handicapper a serious run for their money as the CP has nailed 14-of-18 in all sports. MLB St. Louis/San Fran side and total, plus the NFL over/under.

Get the top total in all three football games, college and NFL and the NLCS. Some super strong sides are also on the docket as bettors get $212 worth of picks if purchased separately, for just $16 on the MasterLockLine.

GodsTips is the best ever. We are 13-5 in college football. We added Oregon-Arizona State side. Despite a nice year in college football, we have not yet approached our standards in the NFL. Yet. Jump on now as we regress to mean and will without a scintilla of debate have far and away the best rest of the NFL season in the world if not history. San Francisco-Seattle side up. Get the picks now to get all the picks on the Network.

Texas vs. Oklahoma Starts Out Huge Betting Saturday

An explosive Saturday is in store for sports bettors worldwide. Texas vs. Oklahoma, West Virginia at Texas Tech, Stanford at Notre Dame, South Carolina at LSU are among the winners.

For those who prefer to bet without the advisors that pro gamblers use betting previews are up for big Saturday games.

The big Saturday college football betting card is led by the best ever GodsTips, which is also red-hot. We have yet another classic case of using the oddsmakers knowledge against them in a fairly low-profile game. But we also have some high profile winners like South Carolina-LSU. Get two nice competitor consensus picks, a sharp versus square and a powerful outlaw line winner.

Last week, Center of the Handicapping Universe beat your man Gangnam Style last week in college football at 6-3. It was led by Penn State as the College Football Game of the Year. Friday, Navy makes it 7-3 the last 10 and 2-0 with football picks this week thanks to the Titans last night.

Today, we take it to the next level and sweep. Get a Wise Guy play among seven college football winners from GodsTips, anchor of

An international betting advisory has just been issued for gamblers across the globe. Maryland vs. Virginia is a Perfect Play among three huge winners from The Great One Stevie Vincent. In fact, the top angle in each of his picks is a combined 33-0. Perfect Play means an angle that is 100 percent and involves a minimum of 12 games. We always unlock the angle inside the play. Oh, Sunday pro football is even better so getting the weekly pass is wise.

TGO nails Navy to go to 23-7 with all Level 5 plays and 17-5 with Level 4 or higher in collegiate football.

The Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine has more than $225 worth of picks for just $16. Linesmaker out of the northeast, for 12 years produced the odds that appeared in 200-plus newspapers is now the No. 1 college and pro football money winner since 1995 and No. 1 overall in that span. (Stats are out of 620 services and syndicates monitored, rankings based on total net units won based on one-unit per play). Lead Pipe Locks are his highest rated plays. Lead Pipe Lock of the Year in college football

Dr. Bob Stohl is ranked 17th in the NFL, 99th in college football and 54th overall and among top five most requested. Two 3* picks Saturday.

Bill Tanner is the top Big Ten handicapper ever, lapping Doc back in the late 1990s and never looking back. This is in both football and basketball. Two college football Platinum Plays, both from Big Ten

Kongpop Sukhibomrong, head of the famed Pan-Asian Syndicate has overtaken Statmaven Sports as the No. 1 all-time ranked sports service in terms of plays that were re-released on the MasterLockLine based on units won. Three college football totals.

Right Angle Sports is the No. 9 handicapper off all-time, No. 4 totals handicapper in all sports has seven picks Saturday, but one is cancelled out by a pick from a better handicapper. Get his six biggest bets

Kal Elner his his College Football GOY on Temple last week. College Football Game of the Week. He is the top small college handicapper in history.

With so many checks and balances, it is no wonder that the Key POD is the rage of the industry. Winning does that. Artificial and human intelligence using a methodology consistent with the scientific method. The Key POD is 10-4 the last 14 overall. Get the Vanderbilt vs. Florida winning pick with so much substantiation your mind may explode and your wallet certainly will.

What a card from the Canadian Crew. The wunderkinds have the Same Game Side and Over/Under Best Bet of the Year, plus Stanford vs. Notre Dame, and Texas vs. Oklahoma Get the picks now

East Carolina vs. Central Florida, USC vs. Utah, and Arkansas State vs. Florida International

The political world is talking about how Mitt Romney had cut the betting odds for the White House significantly after their first debate. The sports world is discussing big Thursday night betting card.

East Carolina vs. Central Florida, USC vs. Utah, and Arkansas State vs. Florida International in college gridiron betting and the Rams vs. Cardinals in NFL odds top the card.

The Great One Stevie Vincent is 20-9 with Level 5 plays. Get the Thursday Night Game of the Year in collegiate football Arkansas State vs. Florida International. Also get the pro football side. Bet at least four times your normal amount on this GOY.

Now to Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine:

Sensational handicapper out of Philadelphia is No. 3 all-time in all sports and No. 1 since Jan 1, 2010 overall. He rated picks 5, 7.5, and 10 stars. He’s had winning days 10-of-12 including 3-1 with 10*s in the NFL last week and the NCAAF Game of the Year on Washington State. You got them all here. 10* MNF total wins on Chicago OVER. 10* Thursday Night NFL Total of the Year Cardinals/Rams

The Couch Potato is perhaps the top specialist in betting. Concentrating on high-profile national TV games, he has hit better than 57 percent in nine consecutive individual sports seasons (college and pro football and basketball counted separately). He has the ESPN Game of the Year on Utah/USC.

The Canadien Crew says Kick off a huge week for football with some great action on Thursday.  On NFL odds, the Arizona Cardinals visit the St. Louis Rams.  On NCAA football odds, the Utah Utes host the No. 13 USC Trojans. It is the All Sports Best Bet of Month. They are on a 20-6 tear.

The incredibly rare slump is gone for GodsTips. The MNF sweep (rare case of picking both the side and total) started a 4-1 run, which included Oakland in MLB as a Wise Guy play. We have the ECU-UCF winner. Also get the Cardinals-Rams side continuing the run.

Matt Rivers says: I destroyed the man in September and pretty much have buried him throughout the entire year as I always seem to do. More of the same today with a 300,000* winner on the college gridiron involving USC and Utah along with a bonus NFL 200,000*, Arizona and St. Louis. Loving life and showing why one more time today!

Now to Key POD. They scientific method has produced winning NFL picks 22-of-31 on the POD. Get yet another Key Play of the Day NFL winning pick on the Thursday Night Football total. The winning pick and validated and annotated with strong bullet points. Get the picks now

College Football Betting: Pac-12 Preview And Predictions

For Matt Rivers Another sweep of the board yesterday with the 400,000* Yankees along with the 300,000* Cubs plus 175, 12-2. It’s now five straight winning days with a profit of 2.7 million stars and also 10 of the last 11 days as I approach an insane 5 million stars.

I absolutely love this slate today and am therefore releasing a rare four plays. I’m not a guy who likes to play a lot of games as that isn’t the formula for success. But today I am all in and ready to continue to completely dismantle that Crookie. The highest rated play of my life is here in a 500,000* USC-Syracuse mortal lock along with a 400,000* Purdue-Notre Dame, 300,000* Auburn-Mississippi State and 200,000* Savannah State-Florida State. Dogs, Chalk, Totals? Winners! Click now to access

Oregon: The Ducks start out with a very weak schedule this season. This is good news for their new quarterback, Marcus Mariota. Mariota, the redshirt freshman, looked very comfortable in week 1 as he led the Ducks to a 50-3 lead before he was sat for the rest of the game. By the looks of his performance, this will still be the high powered offense it has been the past few years under Head Coach Chip Kelly. I don’t see that changing much. Kenjon Barner and De’Anthony Thomas will be able to carry the load offensively.

This year, Washington and Stanford could be tough games, but they will both be held at Autzen Stadium so I’m not seeing an upset there. The only thing that has changed is that USC is now bowl eligible. USC will be coming out firing on all cylinders this season. As for the November 3 match-up between the two, this will be Oregon’s only loss – barring any key injuries to either team. USC played extremely well against the Ducks last season, beating them in a thriller at Autzen. I expect this year’s game to be very similar, so similar that USC will once again be the victor. I am taking an 11-1 record for Oregon.

Returning Starters: Offense – 5, Defense – 7

Oregon State: The Beavers missed out their tune up game against Nicholls State. They now face #13 Wisconsin. The good thing about this unfortunate occasion is that Wisconsin won’t have game film to go off of and Oregon State does. If the Beavers are going to have any chance of competing against the Badgers, then they must stop Montee Ball – who is my pick to win the Heisman Trophy.

The Beavers will have a mediocre season at best. With a few easier games at home I am giving them a 5-7 record.

Returning Starters: Offense – 8, Defense – 8

California: By the looks of week 1, the Golden Bears can’t stop the run. They will get eaten up by the mobile quarterbacks of the college game. They will have a similar season to last year’s in which they lost to the tougher teams and won and against the lower half teams. A middle of the pack team, they go 6-6.

Returning Starters: Offense – 6, Defense – 6

Stanford: The Cardinal were a very tough team a year ago. No Andrew Luck this season, obviously. So that will cost them a few losses. I almost went 8-4 here, but I’m going 7-5. I just don’t see them being the third best team in this conference. I mean, they could barely beat San Jose State in week 1. They didn’t lose a huge number of starters, but they lost the only one holding them together.

Returning Starters: Offense – 6, Defense – 7

Washington: The Huskies have a tough game in week 2 against the LSU Tigers, which they prepared for with a live tiger at their practices! I don’t think that really helps them, though. The tiger was said to be locked up in a cage by the way.

Washington will be a top team in this league, but they are definitely a notch below USC and Oregon who trump the Pac-12. After playing LSU, then playing Oregon and USC in back-to-back games, the rest of their schedule should be a breeze. I am taking 9-3 with a possible 8-4. The game against Utah should be a good one.

Returning Starters: Offense – 6, Defense – 7

Washington State: The Cougars are one of the weaker teams in this conference. I don’t see much going for them this year. No improvement from last year’s 4-8 record.

Returning Starters: Offense – 6, Defense – 7

Arizona: The Wildcats could be a team amongst the 2nd tier of Pac-12 teams along with Washington and Utah. I’m still uncertain at this point. The game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys still might not clear that up for me. OK St. looks real good. It might take Pac-12 games to convince me to where they are as a team. I am playing it safe with a 6-6 record.

Returning Starters: Offense – 6, Defense – 7

Arizona State: The Sun Devils started off hot last season, only to disappoint in the second half. They could surprise some people this year. For now, I’m putting them in a 3rd tier for this conference, which includes teams that could be surprising, could completely suck, or stay in the middle of the pack. This list is Arizona, Arizona State, and UCLA. I will again play it safe with a 6-6 record.

Returning Starters: Offense – 4, Defense – 4

Colorado: The Buffaloes are the worst team in the Pac-12. They have a whole bunch of new starters on offense, which is probably a good thing as they were 82nd in total offensive yards a year ago. Colorado lost to Colorado State in week 1 – a team that was 3-9 last season. The two squared off last season as well and the Buffaloes came out with the win. This was one of three wins last season. I am seeing the same result, minus one with this year’s loss: 2-10.

Returning starters: Offense – 3, Defense – 6

UCLA: Then there are the Bruins. They do have a solid number of returning starters and were second in the south region a season ago. There will be some improvement from the other teams in the south who are not Colorado, so it should be a little tougher for them. The Bruins run game looked good as they rolled over Rice in week 1. Still, the region should consist of some good games that could go either way. I am going with a 5-7 record.

Returning Starters: Offense – 7, Defense – 8

USC: The Trojans are returning the most starters this year, including Heisman hopeful Matt Barkley. They were ranked as the number 1 team before getting passed up by the Alabama Crimson Tide after week 1. Alabama played a much better opponent and won in a stylish fashion. USC has two games that might be tough, for them. Those games are Notre Dame and as I mentioned earlier, Oregon.

You already know my prediction for the Oregon game, so let’s talk a little about the last game of the regular season. In a match-up last season, Barkley was solid, throwing for 224 yards and 3 touchdowns. Notre Dame has some new starters in place at key offensive positions, which could make for a totally different game then the 31-17 loss for the Fighting Irish. Notre Dame was able to run the ball very efficiently in week 1. If they can run the ball against USC and control the clock, this may be a BSC game buster. However, I see Barkley having another solid performance in this one and the Trojans finishing with a 12-0 record – followed by a BSC birth. (The BCS playoff won’t start until 2014)

Returning starters: Offense – 9, Defense – 8

Utah: The Utes look like they might be strong team this season. Yes, in week 1 they played Northern Colorado, but anytime you shut someone out you must give credit to team’s defense. It also helps that they do not have a scheduled game against Oregon. The Utes are only returning one less starter than the Trojans. Last year’s match-up between the two was a decent game. This year USC has something to play for so it could very well turn into a blowout.  They will have a good year and go 8-4.

Returning starters: Offense – 9, Defense – 7

*All records are based on scheduled games as of 9/6/2012. No conference title games or bowl games included.

Check out other great articles at Oregon Sports News.

NFL Picks Week 1 Giants-Cowboys 2012 Predictions

Week 1 NFL picks start out with the Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants. The Vegas odds have the Super Bowl Champions the favorites on NBC NFL, but who will cover? The handicapping champs at answer that.

Here are the big plays on the Thursday betting card highlighted by the opening week 1 NFL picks on the Cowboys vs. Giants side and total.

From the wunderkinds of the Canadien Crew: The Cowboys-Giants Wednesday Night Football is the NFL East Best Bet of Month. NFL odds are back!  The NFL season begins Wednesday, as the Dallas Cowboys visit the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.  If you need a little appetizer, check out MLB odds as the Tampa Bay Rays host the New York Yankees.

The top NFL expert ever, GodsTips. Remember, still time to get down on our season passes. The winningest NFL service in history has the Dallas-NY Giants winner. No handicapper has ever dominated any sport—decade after decade—the way GodsTips has the NFL going back to our scorephone days. The winning resumes today from the greatest off all-time.

Added are three night baseball winners, two are Wise Guy plays at

The strongest bet on the total is without any debate on Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine. MasterLockLine exclusive: We’ve developed data mining software that finds out what happens when two or more top sports services agree in the same side. Sensational handicapper out of Philadelphia is No. 4 all-time in all sports and No. 1 since Jan 1, 2010 overall. He rated picks 5, 7.5, and 10 stars. An attorney/law professor/pro bettor turned pro bettor/professional handicapper out of Tri Cities, TN the top college and pro football totals handicapper, based on all-time units won. Supreme Selections are his highest rated plays. When they’ve had their highest rated 10*/Supreme Selections on the same NFL pick, it is 40-17 going back to 2007, including 19-4 with NFL totals. 10* from Philly, Supreme from Tennessee on Giants/Cowboys over/under

Castlegate Sports, No. 5 all-time all sports has hit 13-of-15 Games of the Week or higher in all sports. MLB Game of the Month at 12:35 ET

Kongpop Sukhibomrong, head of the famed Pan-Asian Syndicate has overtaken Statmaven Sports as the No. 1 all-time ranked sports service in terms of plays that were re-released on the MasterLockLine based on units won. 4 night MLB over/unders.

Yes all the above are on the MasterLockLine. Click now to access

Matt Rivers: I’m hotter than the Burning Bush as the roll of a lifetime is upon me once again. Another 2-0 sweep yesterday as the 400,000* Angels won by a million along with the 200,000* Indians plus 170ish. That’s north of another 700,000* of profit as I destroyed the man yet again.

A pair of winners on Humpday as the perfection continues. 400,000* Cowboys-Giants plus a 300,000* underdog on the diamond. I implore you for your sake to get on this bus!

Now to the POD. Key POD MLB over/under plays are 22-8. Yet more winning is coming. Get a big POD tonight. Overwhelming substantiation comes from our private state-of-art computer picks program that puts the famed Computer Boys to shame. Most of the respected public databases, power ratings, and computer simulations (many number 10s of thousands of recreations) scream to bet this game. Computer systems have the bettors back too

Oh do not you worry for one second. The Great One Stevie Vincent will have a nice weekend of pro and collegiate football picks, but without any question, the two best bets on the board today are in pro baseball. Get those living locks now. Get at OffshoreInsiders

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Updates

A few days ago we had a post in the forums about the jersey numbers that the Steelers 2012 rookies and free agents will wear during the offseason and possibly into the 2012 season too. These are always subject to change as players get cut, and someone else tries to get their preferred number, the young guys try to get their favorite number away from a veteran before the season starts, etc.  Plus with rosters up to 90 players now there’s only so many numbers to go around per position in the offseason.

A few changes that I took notice of rather quickly:

-4th round draft pick Alameda Ta’amu will wear #95. Personally I’ve always been partial to 95 as a linebackers number. Some numbers just fit for a certain position. That’s the Greg Lloyd homer in me though I guess.

-Baron Batch will wear #20 this year, formally Bryant McFadden’s number who was released earlier this offseason.

-3rd round draft pick Sean Spence will wear the James Farrior #51 jersey.

-Corbin Bryant is wearing #91, Aaron Smith’s old number.

-Chris Rainey, 5th round draft pick will wear 22, Will Gay’s old number.

This list comes from Ed Bouchette via his blog, which is a great resource and only costs very little per month compared to the insight he gives. Check out the full post with the full listing of number changes.

2- Grant Ressel
3- D: Drew Butler
3- O: Marquis Maze
5- Connor Dixon
8- Jerrod Johnson
10- Troy Smith
11- Toney Clemons
14- Jimmy Young
15- Derrick Williams
18- David Gilreath
19- Tyler Beiler
20- Baron Batch
22- Chris Rainey
30- D: Robert Golden
35- Terry Carter
37- Terrence Frederick
39- Walter McFadden
40- Marshall McFadden
41- Antonio Smith
44- Brandon Hicks
45- Leonard Pope
46- O: Will Johnson
46- D: Adrian Robinson
47- Myron Rolle
48- David Paulson
49- Brandon Lindsey
51- Sean Spence
61- David DeCastro
66- D: Mike Blanc
66- O: Desmond Stapleton
67- D: Kade Weston
68- O: Kelvin Beachum
68- D: Jake Stoller
69- D: Ikponmwosa Igbinosun
69- O: Ryan Lee
76- Mike Adams
80- Jamie McCoy

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