NFL Picks, Week 11 From Top Betting Experts

NFL, college basketball, and NBA winning continues for the nation’s top handicappers thanks to LateInfo continues the unfair advantage for gamblers.

Gamblers who demand the best picks continue to flock to Sunday is highlighted by gambling unfair advantage, another Limited Edition release at LateInfo. Wake Forest continues historic winning as LateInfo 268-134; more than just MLB underdog winner after winner! Last Sunday, you got Dallas outright. 1 ET from Big Red, get an NFL side. Big Red is a major figure and pioneer in offshore betting. He has unique access to professional oddsmakers and gamblers. All his bets are based on consulting with elite handicappers, pro bettors and linesmakers and tops the list of sources for LateInfo. The only college or NBA basketball pick so far also won.

Now to the best-ever, Joe Duffy. JDP has hit 8-of-10 Wise Guys in all sports over the last week and a half. Today, nine NFL winners led by four Wise Guys. Nobody has dominated any sport the way Joe Duffy has the NFL for decades. College basketball continues the massive roll.

We are 21-10 in college basketball this season! Get 10 more college basketball winners led by two Wise Guys. That is six NFL and CBB Wise Guys.

saints-panthersGet the power of 620-plus sports services behind every bet. Because we monitor every pick from every legitimate supplier, we have every justifiable Game of the Year and release more authenticated big bets than any source on earth.

A service out of San Diego is the one and only ranked in the Top 15 in each and every sport: MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB, NFL, NBA, and overall. Their highest rated picks are Perfect Storms. They are also now the No. 1 service for 2016 and are establishing themselves as one of the all-time greats. Two NFL Perfect Storm led by SNF Perfect Storm OU of the Year.

Sports Service out of Los Angeles is No. 1 all sports since 2002 led by their famed Dead Mortal Locks. They are No. 1 overall for month of November at 60-22 this month! NFL Game of the Year among two NFL and one NBA Dead Mortal Lock.

Now to the top technical handicapper, TGO. Stevie Vincent has three pro football Perfect Plays. The top angle in each game is 39-0 in your favor. We unlock the angles inside the play. TGO added three basketball Level 5 winners, two in collegiate and one pro. That is six Level 5 winners going today. All these picks are at


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