Who is the Best Handicapper in the World?

Big bets in both college football and the NLCS, plus the answer to who is the best handicapper in the world are up Saturday. The famed and feared by the bookies LateInfo is up for noon ET. Big Red is a major figure and pioneer in offshore betting. He has unique access to professional oddsmakers and gamblers. All his bets are based on consulting with elite handicappers, pro bettors and linesmakers and tops the list of sources for LateInfo. Noon ET NCAAF side. LateInfo goes back to the scorephone days and is only activated when critical info comes in from a proven big money source.

Also at OffshoreInsiders.com are picks from the best handicapper in the world, ever. Joe Duffy’s Picks have been making gamblers, pro bettors that is, a fortune since his debut on the scorephones in 1988. Nothing short of a great Saturday is in store for all gamblers. Joe Duffy has five Wise Guys. Four are in college football led by SEC and MAC Games of the Year. Oh, and we have a Wise Guy on the NLCS game too. The intel will blow your mind. Time-tested, proven angles that you and I have won with for years. The MLB intel will blow your mind. The angle is so damn simple, yet so jaw-dropping. Get 11 winning picks in all from the Grand Master Handicapper.

The MasterLockLine has $304 worth of sports handicapper picks for just $16. The No. 1 all-time football handicapper, college and NFL combined, based on units won. They have turned a football profit every year they have been in the business (since 2002) and their top bet is a Heat Seeker. 2016 Heat Seeker College Football Game of the Year 6 ET for Arkansas vs. Auburn

2016 has been one of the best ever in all sports for the famed Pan-Asian Syndicate is beyond reproach the most sought after source for totals winners in the world by high rollers and they are a MasterLockLine Exclusive. Off a 3-0 sweep here Thursday and Friday. Season high six totals

No. 1 college football service for 2016 is based offshore and is famed for Blank Check picks. Two sides, two totals are Blank Checks

Incredibly a sports service out of the Midwest remains No. 1 in college football based on all-time units won. You have won with their Executive Plays here since 2010! Without question the most sought after bets in college football in the history of MasterLockLine going back to 1980 scorephone 976-LOCK. Two sides, one total. A side agrees with Blank Check. This is all at OffshoreInsiders.com

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