Free Sports Picks: College Basketball Betting Tips

Daily free sports picks have returned to the news site of Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy has a pick plus a look at tonight’s bets. sports betting news website has daily free picks back and with a vengeance. It is also a very strong premium betting card.

The real Matt Rivers is unloading Thursday. 400,000* Georgia outright last night as the half a dozen or so dog and tonight I go even bigger on a small favorite who is going to blow doors off of its opponent!

Yup, the big gun is being taken out of the shed and for good reason. I’m not even messing around with secondary plays today as this thing is an absolute rock solid lock no-brainer! 500,000* cheap chalk burial, I’m talking about a line that will be off by double digits, bang.

Simply put, Stevie Vincent is having a year that even by his standards is great. For everyone else, they can only fantasize. Off 5-0 overall and a 2-0 Perfect Play sweep with Cleveland and New Orleans, TGO is now 31-5 with Perfect Plays. It is one of the great years in betting history. Get two Level 5 plays and 51-21 all! The top angle in each game is a combined 20-0.

Clockwork winning has been The Key POD Welcome to those who pounced on our special deal and a special welcome to those of you who are new clientele. You will get to the point where winning is expected. Get used to being spoiled. You raised the bar. Improving on the 19-8 run (thank you scientific method) is a Thursday night NBA side on the Key POD.

Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine. No. 3 NBA and college basketball service combined for 2012-13 is out of Lexington, Kentucky. NCAAB Lock of the Year on California/Arizona State tonight

The No. 1 NCAAB service since tipoff of 2011 is out of Tobacco Road, now known as the Research Triangle and the heart of college basketball. Their success is equally spread among all conferences. On a 12-2 run including Tulane and Rice last night, You know it’s legit, because you got it right here. Just one winner tonight, it’s a college basketball side.

Now to the winningest handicapper in history, Joe Duffy’s GodsTips. Get three college basketball winners as returning to our roots pays off again. Which team is still undervalued because of a brutal early season schedule and why will it specifically pay off now? What time-tested reason tells us a big underachieving team will put it together tonight? Which team continues to be devastated by injuries? Three winners led by the Sunbelt Interdivisional Game of the Year goes! Get the picks now

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