NFL Scores and Odds Picks

Odds for the likely BCS Championship match-up Alabama-Notre Dame have been posted. Also NFL picks Packers-Giants, Vikings-Bears and more are up at

The BCS Championship game likely matchup odds Notre Dame vs. Alabama, free NFL picks, the Sunday Night Football Packers vs. Giants preview and more are on sports betting news website

Now to the NFL picks for today. We start out with the great and wonderful Stevie Vincent, who is winning in every single sport. Now 12-2 the last 14 in all sports, TGO is rolling. The top angle favoring one team and the top angle going against the other squad is 34-0. Yes two angles a combined 34-0, one pointing against team A, the other for Team B. It is the AFC Perfect Play of the Half Century among two pro football winners.

Perfect Play means an angle that is 100 percent and involves a minimum of 12 games. We always unlock the angle inside the play. Get a total of three pro football winners in all. Also added are two collegiate and a pro basketball winner.

Also on fire is, well everyone. But The Key POD highly corroborated picks continue to win. The Florida Gators rout Florida State as the Key Play of the Day is now 16-8. Winning. An early kickoff total is the best bet according to the scientific method. The Key Play of the Day is the only handicapping source which utilizes the scientific method.

Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine has a big play for the Sunday Night Football game. Doc Sports is No. 35 in football, but a long-time veteran (Stats are out of 620 services and syndicates monitored, rankings based on total net units won based on one-unit per play). Among the most requested services has his NFL Game of the Year on Sunday Night Football Packers/Giants

Wunderdog Sports is No. 10 all time in football based on units won. 4 Unit Play on Broncos/Chiefs. All in all, more than $200 worth of picks are up for just $16.

Now to the greatest ever GodsTips. It must be crunch time. GodsTips is 7-3 this week with football picks. We have a huge Sunday with five NFL winners led by yet another Wise Guy pick. Yesterday we gave you Georgia and Pittsburgh as part of yet another winning football portfolio. It is a must to hop on board long term right now. The 16 hour days have begun! Get the picks now at

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