Ray Palmer, Pick Nation? Who Does Have the Best NFL Picks

While Ray Palmer Group, Al  Demarco’s Pick Nation with Steve Budin, and so many others bombard commercials, OffshoreInsiders.com continues to put out quality winner after winner. Week 6 NFL picks is no exception.

Cowboys-Ravens, Raiders-Falcons, Giants-49ers are among the big games Sunday. Here is the objective rundown of which sports services are hot and who has the big plays.

Start out the winningest sports handicapper off all-time. GodsTips is 8-1 this week in football including the Titans winning outright on Thursday. Going back even further, the run is 13-4 in college football. Get two Wise Guy plays Sunday and two Major plays in the NFL. Wise Guy plays from GodsTips are widely accepted as the biggest bet in gambling.

Our famed Performance Gap Analysis applies big time today. Find out which game. A sweet competitor consensus and more. Yes, it is the fewest Wise Guys this deep in the season we have ever had at GodsTips, but after hitting our only on Philadelphia last week, a rare case of two days. Things are ramping up big time. We have also added the Cardinals-Giants NLCS winner.

Of course the Key POD just wins. The Florida Gators were more of a sweat than most of our picks, but 11-4 the last 15 is not so bad. It is 23-10 in the NFL going back two years. So often our artificial intelligence agrees with human intelligence, but this is one contest where so many proven computer programs agree with the exact margin of victory. Watch what team covers and find out by how much now. Let the winning continue

To the Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine. Get $190 worth of picks for just $16. The No. 1 football service this season, college and pro, regular and postseason is up by 5.6 units on the No. 2 capper. They are off a 7-0 Saturday Wyoming, Michigan, and Rice were the big plays. NFL Lock of the Year Raiders/Falcons

Sensational handicapper out of Philadelphia is No. 4 all-time in all sports and No. 1 since Jan 1, 2010 overall. He rated picks 5, 7.5, and 10 stars. He is on a 7-1 run with all 10*s and 11-3 last 14. Just one 10* in NFL today, but it is a doozie.

Larry Ness is 6-0 in games involving the Jets. He has a Legend Play on the Colts/Jets and Matt Fargo, the only winning handicapper on a Canadian based website has his 10* Game of the Month on the same side

Baseball service out of Detroit became the first service EVER to have three straight MLB seasons in which they won at least 40 units (one unit per bet) in 2006-08 and are the No. 1 all-time MLB service in units won. Their top plays are Mandated Plays.  4-0 Mandated Play run. Mandated Play on Giants/Cardinals total

Superstar Stevie Vincent is about perfection today. Three games with the top angle in each game a combined 43-0. Yes we have an angle that has won 21 consecutive times, another 12 straight, another 11 in a row. Bet of all, none of the angles overlap because they are on three different games.

Sit down and get ready to win a bundle. Get two Perfect Plays led by the Perfect Play Total of the Year. The very specific angles are unlocked within the play! Get the picks now and also see what the real Matt Rivers and the Canadian Crew has, plus possible lock from LateInfo on the OffshoreInsiders.com Network.

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