Texas vs. Oklahoma Starts Out Huge Betting Saturday

An explosive Saturday is in store for sports bettors worldwide. Texas vs. Oklahoma, West Virginia at Texas Tech, Stanford at Notre Dame, South Carolina at LSU are among the winners.

For those who prefer to bet without the advisors that pro gamblers use betting previews are up for big Saturday games.

The big Saturday college football betting card is led by the best ever GodsTips, which is also red-hot. We have yet another classic case of using the oddsmakers knowledge against them in a fairly low-profile game. But we also have some high profile winners like South Carolina-LSU. Get two nice competitor consensus picks, a sharp versus square and a powerful outlaw line winner.

Last week, Center of the Handicapping Universe beat your man Gangnam Style last week in college football at 6-3. It was led by Penn State as the College Football Game of the Year. Friday, Navy makes it 7-3 the last 10 and 2-0 with football picks this week thanks to the Titans last night.

Today, we take it to the next level and sweep. Get a Wise Guy play among seven college football winners from GodsTips, anchor of OffshoreInsiders.com

An international betting advisory has just been issued for gamblers across the globe. Maryland vs. Virginia is a Perfect Play among three huge winners from The Great One Stevie Vincent. In fact, the top angle in each of his picks is a combined 33-0. Perfect Play means an angle that is 100 percent and involves a minimum of 12 games. We always unlock the angle inside the play. Oh, Sunday pro football is even better so getting the weekly pass is wise.

TGO nails Navy to go to 23-7 with all Level 5 plays and 17-5 with Level 4 or higher in collegiate football.

The Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine has more than $225 worth of picks for just $16. Linesmaker out of the northeast, for 12 years produced the odds that appeared in 200-plus newspapers is now the No. 1 college and pro football money winner since 1995 and No. 1 overall in that span. (Stats are out of 620 services and syndicates monitored, rankings based on total net units won based on one-unit per play). Lead Pipe Locks are his highest rated plays. Lead Pipe Lock of the Year in college football

Dr. Bob Stohl is ranked 17th in the NFL, 99th in college football and 54th overall and among top five most requested. Two 3* picks Saturday.

Bill Tanner is the top Big Ten handicapper ever, lapping Doc back in the late 1990s and never looking back. This is in both football and basketball. Two college football Platinum Plays, both from Big Ten

Kongpop Sukhibomrong, head of the famed Pan-Asian Syndicate has overtaken Statmaven Sports as the No. 1 all-time ranked sports service in terms of plays that were re-released on the MasterLockLine based on units won. Three college football totals.

Right Angle Sports is the No. 9 handicapper off all-time, No. 4 totals handicapper in all sports has seven picks Saturday, but one is cancelled out by a pick from a better handicapper. Get his six biggest bets

Kal Elner his his College Football GOY on Temple last week. College Football Game of the Week. He is the top small college handicapper in history.

With so many checks and balances, it is no wonder that the Key POD is the rage of the industry. Winning does that. Artificial and human intelligence using a methodology consistent with the scientific method. The Key POD is 10-4 the last 14 overall. Get the Vanderbilt vs. Florida winning pick with so much substantiation your mind may explode and your wallet certainly will.

What a card from the Canadian Crew. The wunderkinds have the Same Game Side and Over/Under Best Bet of the Year, plus Stanford vs. Notre Dame, and Texas vs. Oklahoma Get the picks now

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