Top Ranked Football Handicappers 2012-13 Picks

Week 4 NFL betting includes Bill-Patriots, Chargers-Chiefs, Giants-Eagles among many sports betting handicapper selections. has all the winners.

Here is who is hot and who has the big plays for NFL betting picks from On one of the great runs of recent times, the wunderkinds of the Canadien Crew have one of the top cards of the year. Get three pro football locks including the Upset Best Bet of the Year. They are 15-2 the last 17 with several moneyline underdogs including the first of the football season on Washington Huskies.

The Crew are experts in advanced statistical analysis in every sport. They are especially adroit at harnessing when teams or pitchers perform incommensurate under that specific game parameters. That is what differentiates the pro gamblers from those keep the Vegas casinos in business. You will see that tonight.

Thank you to all who jumped on the great monthly sale for the Key POD yesterday. While past results sold you on the winning, it is the future results that will continue to validate your trust. The Tennessee Volunteers made it five straight winners with four MLB dogs of 184, 145, 122, and 275.

Going back years, the POD is on a 22-8 NFL tear. Get another NFL side up now at

LateInfo acknowledges the unaccustomed to rough start to the football season diluting a historic baseball season that will likely never be duplicated anywhere. The long-term winning is still there, but it is time to continuing firing away with the same formula that has never produced a losing season in any sport going back to the scorephone days of last century.

But in good faith, Big Red has an early kickoff that is at a never before half-price. The lowest price ever of $34.49 even including the Big Red has an early kickoff that is at a never before half-price. The lowest price ever of $34.49 even including the 2 Minute Warning 900-number days of the scorephone. Get this early kickoff now.

In what is unquestionably one of the strongest NFL cards ever in terms of quantity and quality, GodsTips is chomping at the bit for the games to start. No gambler has dominated any sport more than GodsTips has the NFL. This has been true since the Cadillac Club 900-number scorephone days. Far and away a season high of nine NFL winners, two which are Wise Guys, another a money line underdog.

Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine has a huge portfolio led by. The No. 2 NFL service this season pre and regular season combined is out of Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 2012 NFL Game of the YearSensational handicapper out of Philadelphia is No. 3 all-time in all sports and No. 1 since Jan 1, 2010 overall. He rated picks 5, 7.5, and 10 stars. He’s had winning days 7-of-8. Two 10* NFL sides and 10* total. Get the picks now

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