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Ben Taylor AKA BetWithBen

BetWithBen, the first text SPAM in a while. The names of the touts change—this guy calls himself Ben Taylor–but they will never be quality. The best handicappers and best sportsbooks MYBookie | Intertops |Betonline | SportsBetting | Bovada | BetDSI

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Opening Night NFL: Chiefs vs. Patriots Sports Betting Preview

What a fantabulous football streak it is for Stevie Vincent. TGO is 14-7 with all football bets. Pro football side and pro baseball OU. Get the picks now

Here is a betting preview of the contest from a spectacular sports picks website

Thursday Night Football Chiefs vs. Patriots Sports Picks Preview by on Scribd

Top Sports Service Bets For Thursday Night NFL

NFL preseason picks week 1 are up from the top sports handicappers in the world. Here is the rundown from

Why not start out with the winningest handicapper in history, Joe Duffy? JDP with a total eclipse of the bookies, sweeping MLB. We go 4-0 on the diamond including Minnesota +144 and Philadelphia +132. We are a solid 12-8 the last 20 MLB with five dogs winning. Your NFL Specialist has an NFL side and two NFL totals.

Holy smokes. Get eight MLB winners led by MLB Underdog of the Week. This named play is among eight night MLB and 12 winners in all.

Now to power of 620-plus sources, the famed MasterLockLine. No. 1 all-time preseason service has exploded over the last half-dozen or so years with stringers dedicated to monitoring Twitter and online sources for critical wagering information. They have won at least 9 units every preseason since 2007. Only bet so far, the Hall-of-Fame game OVER wins. Two tonight, one side and one total

Top ranked handicapper all-time combined goes back to the scorephone days has NFL Preseason Total of the Week on Houston vs. Carolina OVER wins. Preseason NFL game of the Week goes tonight

No. 1 sports service for 2017 is out of Deep South. Personal Best Bets are above 65 percent. NFLX Personal Best Bet of the Week tonight

Sports service of out Philadelphia, though best known for being No. 1 all-time in NFL, is also No. 1 all sports since 1998, based on one unit per bet minus the juice.  Preseason Total of the Month NFL tonight

The top ranked handicapper in all sports since 2006 is out of Las Vegas. His Four-Weight plays are probably as big of a bet as there is, averaging one or two a week during busy betting season and one or two a month in the summer months. Preseason Four-Weight plays a stunning 12-2-1 since 2014. Rare, but powerful, side tonight is Four-Weight in NFL

All-time leading handicapper in all sports, going back to 976-LOCK days is known for his famed 10*s. He is one of the few cappers on earth who has a positive ROI in every sport, college and pro separately. 10* MLB Game of the Month

Stevie Vincent: Preseason football winning is here. Get three NFLX winners, two sides and OU. Get a Level 5 pro baseball side. All these winners are at


Football Betting Secret: Major Square Betting Myth Gone Forever

Superstar handicapper Joe Duffy will leave you speechless by exposing one of the great betting myths in world history when it comes to betting on home/road splits or dichotomy as many call it.

Betting Myth in NFL Handicapping Exposed Once and For All by on Scribd

Packers-Giants, Dolphins-Steelers NFL Betting Picks, Odds, Lines

NFL playoff picks 2017 are well underway, with sharps dominating football scores and odds thus far. Miami Dolphins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants.

NFL sports betting picks are up for Sunday as most professional gamblers are on fire on bowl betting and NFL picks. We start out with the greatest, Joe Duffy. JDP is 12-3 in football including a 2-1 start to the NFL playoffs with Texans, plus Seahawks UNDER. Both NFL sides and note that that includes an upgrade to a Wise Guy.  fruits-of-labor

Win with more than just NFL late in the day. Get NBA Interconference Game of the Month among two NBA. A very rare scheduling and results anomaly gives all pro gamblers a gift from heaven tonight. Intel revealed.

It is a special day for the MasterLockLine, which has been winning since 1980 on the scorephones. Because we monitor every pick from every last legitimate supplier, we have every justifiable Game of the Year and release more authenticated big bets than any source on earth. Today, you get one in the NFL and have so far and away the biggest totals picks on each game. Oh ride one of the great NBA OU streaks in history as well!

One of the few handicappers on earth whose winning can be traced back to last century, picks sold on some of the highest volume sites on the internet, Playoff Game of the Year Giants vs. Packers

No. 1 NFL handicapper for 2016-17 is out of Texas. Their Bet the Ranch plays had as good of a sports season as any highest rated play from any handicapper, any year, any sport that the MLL staff has seen since monitoring sports services in 1980.  Bet the Ranch on Texans wins easily. Wild Card Bet the Ranch Total of the Year on New York Giants vs. Green Bay.

Suffice to say, Sam Katz Sports and other radio touts are not on the radar when it comes to top sports handicappers. But pick up your phone. Sam Katz needs your credit card number!

2016 has been one of the best ever in all sports for the famed Pan-Asian Syndicate is beyond reproach the most sought after source for totals winners in the world by high rollers and they are a MasterLockLine Exclusive.  10-0 run in NBA, all totals including 2-0 sweep right here yesterday. NBA and NFL totals as NBA streak goes to 11-0! NFL total is Miami vs. Pittsburgh

No. 1 all-time NBA and college basketball handicapper combined goes back to the scorephone days. They are one of the Big 3 NBA services we continue to ride.  Today NBA Parlay of the Month

Now to the top technical handicapper in history, Stevie Vincent. He is also the premier totals expert. Stevie continues to cruise along at 8-2 with Level 5 bets, 11-5 overall. Get a pro football Perfect Play and a collegiate hardwood Level 5. A Perfect Play is when a 100 percent angle involving at least 12 games applies to one side or total. Get all this and every winning pick, every day at