Top Picks Week 3 NFL Betting Locks and Sports Service Plays

What a season in college and NFL it has been for the top sports handicappers and even more so in the NFL. Week 3 appears to be even bigger.

We start out with LateInfo, only activated when info is large enough to justify. Wake Forest outright makes it four straight football winners on LateInfo, which is 3-0 in NFL including super rare NFLX. 1:00 ET side from Big Red. Big Red is a major figure and pioneer in offshore betting. He has unique access to professional oddsmakers and gamblers. All his bets are based on consulting with elite handicappers, pro bettors and linesmakers and tops the list of sources for LateInfo. Get the picks now

Joe Duffy is 16-6 in the NFL regular season including Patriots and UNDER already in this week. We are 47-28 with all football picks.  That is fresh off a preseason in which we hit 4-of-5 Wise Guys in a 10-8 overall preseason. Get two NFL Wise Guys and four Majors. This includes the same angle that applied to New England, has won 72.7 percent of the time since 1989 and applies again. Nobody has dominated any sport the way Joe Duffy has the NFL for decades.

Now to The Great One, Stevie Vincent, the best technical handicapper of all-time. Off another winning Saturday, going 4-1 with all bets, get four Perfect Plays up for Sunday in pro football. The top angle in each game is a combined 66-0 in your favor. We unlock the angles inside the play. A grotesque pitching mismatch is up as well.

Now to the MasterLockLine. Only the highest rated plays from the highest rated handicappers in their highest rated sports. All-time leading handicapper in all sports, going back to 976-LOCK days is known for his famed 10*s. He is one of the few cappers on earth who has a positive ROI in every sport, college and pro separately. 10* Sunday Night Total of the Year Bears vs. Cowboys

No. 1 handicapper for 2016 is out of St. Augustine, Florida. They went 2-1 here yesterday with top rated bets. Two NFL sides

Sports service of out Philadelphia, though best known for being No. 1 all-time in NFL, is also No. 1 all sports since 1998, based on one unit per bet minus the juice.  Four 10*s, three sides and total

No. 1 handicapper in all sports since the turn of the century especially when he waives his normal star rating for a play he says is too strong for star system. He is the former right-hand man of a long-time scorephone handicapper who fell into the abyss of mediocrity once the brains behind the operation left years ago. NFL Game of the Month for SNF Bears vs. Cowboys

Handicapper out of Philadelphia is No. 1 overall in all sports combined since 2009. They are famed for their Stone Cold Locks. 8-2 with Stone Cold Locks college and NFL. Two NFL today

Brand new No. 1 football handicapper last two seasons combined, college and pro has hit a stunning 70 percent of Lead Pipe Locks in football since Oct. 8, 2015. NFL Lead Pipe Lock of the Week. All at

Best Picks Opening Week NFL Locks

All the top handicappers have checked in with their bets and we have them for you.

Joe Duffy’s Picks leads the way as five winners go at 1 ET. All records include yet another enormously successful preseason! Joe Duffy is 10-5 with all Wise Guys, 5-1 in the NFL. All football picks are 27-15 including 17-7 in the regular season. Seven NFL winners led by an early Wise Guy and SNF side and total. Hurry as five picks go early! Report is final!  Get the picks now See SNF pick pack.

Forensic Sports Handicapper Stevie Vincent is simply put the hottest handicapper of 2016 in all sports.

Get two pro football and two pro baseball from Stevie Vincent. This includes a Level 5 in pro football and two in pro baseball led by Fortune 500 Game of the Year. Stevie Vincent is the top expert on pitching on earth, not just in handicapping, but at all levels of MLB analytics.

MasterLockLine is the power of 620 sports services behind every sports pick; Traces roots back to scorephone LockLine of 1980s.

Sports service of out Philadelphia, though best known for being No. 1 all-time in NFL, is also No. 1 all sports since 1998, based on one unit per bet minus the juice.  Just one 10* Sunday, his 10* Game of the Week Buccaneers vs. Falcons.

No. 1 all sports service for 2016 is at the top in no small part due to their 100-Dime Bets. Two 100-Dime NFL winners.

No. 1 NFL handicapper from last season is out of Denver. They did not release any preseason picks. NFL Game of the Week on Giants vs. Cowboys.

The top football handicapper of 2016, college and NFL combined, regular and preseason. He has three named plays, one which agrees with above Giants vs. Cowboys.

Because we monitor every pick from every last legitimate supplier, we have every justifiable Game of the Year and release more authenticated big bets than any source on earth.

No. 1 service overall since Jan. 1 of 2013 is treasured for their Executive Decision bets. One Executive Decision on Dolphins vs. Seahawks. Get the picks now and check out the entire menu and get a free pick. Get at


Best Sports Service Picks, Bets, For Opening Weekend Saturday in College Football

What has been billed by ESPN as the “biggest opening weekend in college football history” literally has been from the standpoint of sharp bettors and brings you the bets of the pros.

We start out with the MasterLockLine. Get the biggest bets in the entire industry on Oklahoma vs. Houston, North Carolina vs. Georgia games. We searched every pick from ever service and isolated the best. That is why are are 16-3 the last 19. The under is pending on GA Tech vs. Boston College.

Service out of the southeast is without any debate the top big play service since summer of 2009 with big plays. Their biggest play is a Deposit Slip in which they average less than two per week. First Deposit Slip of season on North Carolina vs. Georgia. Yes this sports service has crushed price per head sportsbooks for years.

No. 1 small college expert in betting history in both college basketball and football. Non-Conference Parlay of the Month wins on Appalachian State and UNDER. Non-Conference Game of the Month Toledo vs. Arkansas State on Toledo wins. College Football Total of the Week on Boise State vs. Louisiana Lafayette.

Biggest shock to 16-3 run is that our No. 1 all-time NCAAF service has not checked in until now. Incredibly a sports service out of the Midwest remains No. 1 in college football based on all-time units won. You have won with their Executive Plays here since 2010! The gap between them and everyone else widened in fact. One side, one total are Executive Plays. Get the picks now and check out the entire menu and get a free pick. Yes all the above are on the MasterLockLine where you get $329 worth of picks for $16.

Now to the greatest of them all: Joe Duffy’s Picks. Army, Colorado UNDER, and Ball State win for us to make us 6-1 in college football. We always go where the info leads us, but today we have picks on the high-profile games. Army covers by 29 points and while every sucker and I do mean S-U-C-K-E-R had Georgia State, every sharp and I do mean S-H-A-R-P had the Joe Duffy Major on the obvious bet Ball State.  We have a Wise Guy plus Majors on Clemson-Auburn, USC-Alabama, and Houston-Oklahoma.

We have five MLB winners as well, two day, three night Get the picks now See discounts for day only or night only!

My sweet Lord, Stevie Vincent literally cannot lose! TGO keeps winning! He is 54-22 with Named Plays, 12-3 Level 5. 47-26 overall! Inner Circle OU of a Lifespan in pro baseball, but also three collegiate football winners led by a noon ET Level 5 over/under. So hurry, buy, win.

Each handicapper highest rated play is as follows: GodsTips (Wise Guy), Stevie Vincent (Level 5),Masterlockline of course varies from service but generally (Biggest Play).  All the superstar picks are from



Week 1 College Football Sports Services for Sept 1

Here are all the sports service picks that sharp bettors must have for Thursday, September 1, 2016. JDP IS 4-0 with football Wise Guy plays this year! Get the first Wise Guy of college football season as well the first total as both are for Thursday. As long as you have a package that includes Thursday, you can now access. Five Thursday NFL winners are up, led by two Wise Guys. Will Joe Duffy finish the season 100 percent with Wise Guys? Likely. Again.

Now to power of 600-plus sports services behind every bet. Literally get almost $600 worth of sports service bets tonight for just $16. No. 1 small college expert in betting history in both college basketball and football. Non-Conference Parlay of the Month

The top CFL handicapper in history has never had a losing season in the CFL and they have been handicapping that league since 2006. 12-6 this season, you know it is legit, you got them all right here. CFL Game of the Week won last night on BC. Another CFL side tonight

Attorney turned sports handicapper is the top SEC handicapper and top college football and basketball totals expert, ranked No. 1 in college sports totals all-time. ESPN Total of the Month on South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt.

Well known and enormously successful service has been tracked since the 976-LOCK scorephone days. They have always specialized in national TV games and rank Top 20 all-time in every sport. Big Ten Network Non-Conference Game of the Year

Only two-time winner of prestigious Hilton Handicapping Contest is now the anchor handicapper of a high profile website. NFL Preseason Game of the Year.

Stevie Vincent has a stunning 44-25 overall run. He is 52-21 with named plays, 11-2 with Level 5 bets, which are above 63 percent in history. Get Rice/Western Kentucky side.

While Joe Duffy is the top handicapper in terms of units won all-time, TGO is tops in winning percentage. Less is more is the mantra for TGO as he has fewer releases than most in the industry, but a higher winning percentage than all of them.

Get all these sports service picks and free bets at

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