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March 16, 2015

NCAA Tournament Podcast 2015 Previews

Exploding in popularity, Sports Betting Podcast has announced expanded coverage for the NCAA Tournament. The first round tournament trends report is on the air.

Much like podcasting in general, the Sports Betting Podcast from continues to escalate in both number of devotees and enthusiastic response. Accordingly expanded coverage of the NCAA Tournament 2015 will take place throughout the Big Dance, from Selection Sunday through the men’s basketball Final 4. With tournament matchups announced, the opening round trends report has been uploaded while the staff is working around the clock compiling news and notes.

Aforesaid Las Vegas trends, a feature since the scorephone days of the 1980s, remain a staple of the sports handicappers pregame “Tailgate Party” for Vegas sharps. Also get line movement analysis, betting percentages, key notes and injuries, free picks and information on who the top premium bets are on for both sides and totals bettors.

Yes even the bracketology office pool players will gain enormous insight. CEO and podcast host Joe Duffy says the timing of the podcasts will be based more when information comes in.

“We get intel from schools SID releases, public betting databases, local beat writers’ previews,” Duffy explained. Hence, “We are at their mercy somewhat on how early each report will be broadcast.” The scorephone legend went on to explain the superiority of the intel will take precedence.

Pro gamblers, Vegas syndicates, and ‘”whales” depend on for preeminent information, but because the podcasts will often be updated several times a day, all bettors are urged to follow @offshoreinsider on Twitter for real-time updates.

The podcasts are carried on every major outlet: iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, etc as well as simulcast on YouTube. Please see the, “Podcasts on Sports Betting” tab at the home page of for direct hyperlinks to all platforms.

February 28, 2015

Best NCAA Tournament Sports Betting Service

Sports touts come and go, but sports betting expert Joe Duffy, CEO of has been winning for gamblers since June 1, 2015. Even if you bet on your own, check out his sports betting podcast which will win you money in March Madness and beyond.

February 12, 2015

Best Free College Basketball Picks

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Today's Free Pick from Joe Duffy

February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Podcast For Gamblers Seahawks vs. Patriots

Best sports betting podcasts (follow sports betting Twitter feed) has the bettors official preview of SB49. Patriots-Seahawks, Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy breaks it down.

Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine has a big day at No. 1 NFL service for 2014-15 season is out of Oklahoma City. Though only in the business since 2011, they have established themselves as the No. 1 overall football service since taking the handicapping industry by storm since their debut. Made up of ex-bookmakers and gamblers, their highest rated bets are Owners Selection. Owners Selection Postseason Total of the Year on Super Bowl total

The No. 1 guaranteed sports service is out of Michigan. Yesterday they made one of the most remarkable guarantees ever going 3-0 right here. Now they are guaranteeing an NBA or February is free to their clients. (Guarantees are by the individual services to their clients. At the reduced price, guarantees are not enforced on the MasterLockLine). We have it for pennies on the dollar as they are selling it for $99.

Sensational handicapper out of Philadelphia is No. 1 since Jan 1, 2010 overall. He rated picks 5, 7.5, and 10 stars. He is No. 1 all-time NFL pre, regular, and postseason combined. 10* Super Bowl side as they have the best Super Bowl mark of all-time at 24-7. Get it all at

January 26, 2015

NBA Podcasting For Bettors

Best NBA podcast from Joe Duffy

January 25, 2015

Free Picks Podcast Via Stitcher

Entire card at 1:00 ET or later. The No. 1 handicapper in all sports combined since Jan. 1 of 2013 has his highest rated Executive Decision bets. NBA/NCAAB Executive Decision Parlay of the Yeart

The No. 1 basketball service for 2014-15 is out of Las Vegas. Two NBA and one NCAAB

The No. 1 college basketball service off all-time rated about 95 percent of plays equally but has some 1.5. They are up more than 60 units all-time on the No. 2 service and have the widest gap of any service in any category as monitored by the MasterLockLine since the scorephone days. Agrees with above NCAAB! This is very highly corroborated bet. It is all at

January 21, 2015

NBA Podcast Betting Picks Free

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Entire card 7:30 ET or later. The Great One Stevie Vincent is 10-4 going back to last week. What a Wednesday. Two pro basketball winners including Mismatch Game of the Year triggering a National Gambling Advisory for all sharp bettors to but the highest amount they have in their lives on the Mismatch Game of the Year and a pro basketball Level 5. Also get a collegiate basketball winner and improve on the 10-4 tear! Get the picks now from

January 18, 2015

NFL Picks Podcast: NFL Conference Championship Betting Preview and the MasterLockLine top into the No. 1 NFL service for 2014-15 season is out of Oklahoma City. Though only in the business since 2011, they have established themselves as the No. 1 overall football service since taking the handicapping industry by storm since their debut. Made up of ex-bookmakers and gamblers, their highest rated bets are Owners Selection. 6-0 in the playoffs so far including Owners Selection NFC Best Side and AFC Best Total of Postseason. Now Owners Selection Best NFC Side and Best AFC Total of Playoffs to go to 8-0 from No. 1 as they are closing out one of the greatest NFL seasons in recorded betting history
Service that specializes in network TV games is No. 1 all-time in terms of winning percentage in all sports and Top 10 in units won as they have fewer picks, but a much higher winning mark than any service in history. 11-2 run ACC Game of the Month Virginia Tech/North Carolina for 6:30 ET. It is all on the MasterLockLine. Get the picks now
Now get the famed Tailgate Party against the spread trends preview of the Packers-Seahawks, Colts-Patriots.

January 12, 2015

Sports Betting Podcast Ohio St-Oregon Best bets

Sports Betting Podcasts previews the national championship game between Oregon and Ohio State.

MasterLockLine Exclusive! We havve developed data mining software that finds out what happens when two or more top sports services agree in the same side. The Pan-Asian Syndicate is the top totals source in all of sports. An attorney/law professor/pro bettor turned pro bettor/professional handicapper out of Tri Cities, TN is the No. 1 handicapper in college sports history and even slightly better with totals. When they have agreed on an NCAAF total it is 34-9 the last four years. They agree tonight on Ohio State/Oregon over/under

No. 1 NBA service last two years combined is out of Houston with wins again with NBA Blowout of the Month. Now it is the NBA Underdog of the Month all at

January 10, 2015

Panthers-Seahawks, Ravens-Patriots Betting Preview Podcast

Tracing it’s roots to 1980 on the score phones, the famed Tailgate Party is alive on podcast form. Get the betting trends preview of Panthers-Seahawks, Ravens-Patriots.

Joe Duffy’s Picks 13-6 NFL rampage includes the +230 underdog winner. Let the run continue with Panthers-Seahawks side as Joe Duffy’s Picks has dominated the NFL since the mid-1980s scorephone days more than any handicapper has in any sport.

Guess what? We also have eight basketball winners led by three Wise Guy plays, one in college basketball and two the NBA as steam added at 8:03 AM ET, then again at 10:32. Just win. Winners are at

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