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Bengals vs. Dolphins, Kansas vs. Texas Tech, Connecticut vs. Houston Picks

Bengals vs. Dolphins, Kansas vs. Texas Tech, Connecticut vs. Houston sports service picks are up. OffshoreInsiders.com has every winner needed.

Power of 620 sports services behind every pick MasterLockLine has some big bets. No. 1 sports service in all sports since 1995. You have won with them since the scorephone Lockline days. Thursday Night NFL Total of the Year, a play they have hit seven consecutive years.

No. 1 handicapper for 2016 is out of St. Augustine, Florida. They are 7-3 here the last five days with top rated bets. College football total and the NFL side are top rated.

Sports service out of Detroit is No. 1 all-time in MLB based on ROI and they are famed with top rated Mandated Bets. Three sides.

Service out of Rhode Island is bar none the premier run line service on earth over literally almost any long-term period. Two runline bets. Because we monitor every pick from every last legitimate supplier, we have every justifiable Game of the Year and release more authenticated big bets than any source on earth.

Now to the best ever, Joe Duffy. We have three Wise Guy sides for Thursday, two college plus the Thursday Night AFC Interdivisional Game of the Year. I completely understand your cynicism. Truthfully we wish we did not have a Wise Guy on all three games, because it comes across as doing what most handicappers do: forcing a big play on marquee games for short-term sales.

Oh wait until you are blown away by the intel in the games and that skepticism disappears.

Friday, we come back with a Major play in college.

Saturday, we have the ACC Coastal Game of the Year, AAC East Game of the Year (added Thursday morning) and SEC East Game of the Year. Oh wait until you read why. The intel will leave you speechless. Also get four Major plays Saturday, a side and two totals. Sunday NFL, four winners led by two Wise Guys. One is literally one win from hitting at 90 percent and has not lost since 2008.

Forensic Sports Handicapper Stevie Vincent is without debate the hottest tipster on earth.

Groundbreaking founder of forensic sports handicapping; fewer picks, higher winning percentage from the King of Offshore.

Discount for night action off hitting Day OU of MY Lifetime Washington OVER  Stevie Vincent is 69-26 with named plays and 13-3 with all Level 5. Night NCAAF OU. See discount for night only. Steven is on one of the great runs in history.  Get all the winners at OffshoreInsiders.com